About Elementary Business Solutions

Elementary Business Solutions was founded in 2014 by husband & wife team, Paul & Clare Watson. The Elementary brand is based on our shared name with the fictional character Dr. John Watson of Sherlock Holmes fame and the famous line “Elementary, my dear Watson.” Much like the famous duo, Elementary Business Solutions specialise in problem solving and deductive reasoning. We make it our mission to help businesses find a solution to issues such as inefficiency, disconnected software systems and a lack of defined business processes, ensuring their Exact Online Business software and people work together well.

Whilst we don’t have a Sherlock Holmes in our midst, we find two Watson’s work just as well. Paul, has been in the IT industry for over 25 years working in many different types of business. Clare has extensive office management experience and this has been essential to help keep Paul organised. Here are three things we believe in...

Three things we believe in

You're more in control when your business has the right processes in place

A business that uses processes that are efficient, controlled, flexible, well documented and regularly reviewed is in better control of its operation. It is better able to satisfy its customers and it is minimising costs and overheads and maximising profits.

So if you’ve ever asked the question ‘why do we do it like this?’ and received the answer ‘because we’ve always done it like this’, it’s time to step back and look at how your processes are helping or hindering your business.

We specialise in helping you to document, streamline and improve processes so you can grow your business.

Software should support your processes; not frustrate them

There are some beautiful software solutions out there. When they complement your business processes and help your people work smarter, they add incredible value. But when the software is causing more problems than it solves or doesn’t give your business what it needs, it impacts on productivity, efficiency and profitability. 

So if you’ve ever been told, ‘the software isn’t doing what it should do’, it’s time to step back and look at how your software is being used in your business.

We specialise in implementing Exact software systems that complement your operations and support your business as it grows.

Your people are more efficient and effective when they are empowered

When processes and software aren’t working in harmony, there’s a risk that people are unknowingly duplicating effort and slowing down productivity. When there’s a lack of transparency and people find it hard to get the information they need to do their job well, it’s incredibly frustrating.

So if you’ve ever discovered that Sales and Finance are both creating the same report but using it for different things or you’ve ever heard someone say, ‘you need to talk to so-and-so to get that information’, it’s time to step back and look at how making the right information available at the right time to the right people could improve productivity, morale and engagement.

We specialise in working with you to use processes and Exact software to empower your people to deliver better results and add value to the bottom line.

Take the first step

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Elementary Business Solutions is a leading UK Exact Certified Partner 

Exact is a cost effective cloud-based all in one integrated software solution that can help your business save time and money and improve efficiency.

Our technical business consultants have all been through the rigorous certification programme to ensure they not only understand the Exact Software Solutions but also understand how it can help your business reap the benefits efficiently and effortlessly.