An Approach That’s Unusually Effective

Monday, March 13, 2017

At the most basic level, we implement Exact software solutions that make your business run more efficiently, effectively and profitably.

But we are so much more than that. We believe you can only reap the rewards that software delivers when your processes and people are in harmony. We are not simply software solutions sellers. We are problem solvers, critical friends, trainers and mentors.

Our approach is unusual but it is also effective. You will need to put in more effort than simply saying ‘we’ll have that one, please’. We will be with you every step of the way. We will provide the expertise to put in place the tools that will deliver lasting change and equip your business with what it needs to grow.

What some of our clients say about us:

“Paul has a curiosity and passion about helping people to solve their problems and to achieve their goals. He has been particularly effective in coaching staff to help them to understand the company's objectives and culture and help them to grow and take on more responsibilities.” - Mundy Veneer

As well as receiving requests to assist with and lead projects, Paul has pro-actively offered suggestions to improve our CRM system. This has helped us to simplify processes in order to save a huge amount of time whilst managing customer enquiries and converting orders. Paul's work has made our business stronger and more efficient.” - PAR Group

Paul has worked in the IT industry for over 25 years. From his experience of working in many different businesses over, Paul believes in three things:

1. You're more in control when your business has the right processes in place

A business that uses processes that are efficient, controlled, flexible, well documented and regularly reviewed is in better control of its operation. It is better able to satisfy their customers by minimising its costs and overheads and maximising profits.

So, if you’ve ever asked the question ‘why do we do it like this?’ and received the answer ‘because we’ve always done it like this’, it’s time to step back and look at how your processes are helping or hindering your business.

We specialise in helping you to document, streamline and improve processes so you can grow your business.

2. Software should support your processes, not frustrate them

There are some beautiful software solutions out there. When they complement your business processes and help your people work smarter, they add incredible value. But when the software is causing more problems than it solves or doesn’t give your business what it needs, it impacts on productivity, efficiency and profitability. So if you’ve ever been told, ‘the software isn’t doing what it should do’, it’s time to step back and look at how your software is being used in your business.

3. Your people are more efficient and effective when they are empowered

When processes and software aren’t working in harmony, there’s a risk that people are unknowingly duplicating effort and slowing down productivity. When there’s a lack of transparency, people find it hard to get the information they need to do their job well. This can be incredibly frustrating.

So if you’ve ever discovered that Sales and Finance are both creating the same report but using it for different things. Or you’ve ever heard someone say, ‘you need to talk to so-and-so to get that information.’ It’s time to step back and look at how making the right information available at the right time to the right people could improve productivity, morale and engagement.

If this sounds like what you want for your business, get in touch with Paul today on 07535 260 723 or