Benefits of working in the Cloud

Monday, July 18, 2016

Remember the days when we used to ‘dial up’ the internet, with the screeches and high pitched sounds whilst we did so? I think we can agree that the internet has progressed a great deal since those days; it’s faster and on demand, and with a lot less noise!

 The internet has come a long way, not least how we now do business over the internet every day without thinking about it; we expect it to be there. The improvements made in technology enabling faster internet speeds has also led to a change in the way we do business.

 Many organisations now see the benefits of working in the cloud:

  • 24/7 worldwide access to your data

Real-time business information accessible from any internet-enabled device. 

Are you at your bank, accountant’s or notary’s office and need your financial results?  Are you visiting a customer and need a document or an invoice? That’s no problem whatsoever. As long as your computer, tablet or smartphone is connected to the Internet, you have immediate access to everything - wherever and whenever you want.

  • Secure and reliable

Highly secure, trusted reliability and no need for specialist IT knowledge.

“Is my company data safe in the cloud?” The answer is absolutely! And perhaps even safer than at your company. Your data will be stored in high security data centres, fully encrypted and under strict security. Moreover, both the provider and the vendor see to the management, the updates and the maintenance for you. You no longer need that IT knowledge.

  • Flexible subscriptions

Flexible, cost-effective monthly subscription – only pay for what you use.

With cloud software you know exactly what your costs are. You pay a fixed amount each month. Fixed and yet flexible, because your subscription grows along with you. Also when you grow in your specific sector. You can simply change the number of administrations and users for instance; or add apps, or easily grow towards a sector-specific subscription. That’s how flexible working in the cloud is.

  • Work together online

Conveniently work together online with your colleagues, partners, customers and your accountant.

 The cloud is an excellent place for people to work together and to store your data digitally. Cloud software helps you with this - the benefits of everything in the cloud; you have all your documents in 1 central place, save on physical archive space and are able to find everything quickly. That saves time and money, both now and later.

  • Reduce costs & add value

Working in the cloud can help you reduce your IT costs whilst also improving operational efficiency.

Cloud software can help you streamline your business, making it more responsive whilst drastically improving efficiency, offering an instance overview of every aspect of your business. Automate a range of manual tasks to save you time, effort and headaches.

Download our free report here, “Head in Cloud, Feet on the Ground. Why business software in the cloud makes perfect sense.  

Who is Elementary Solutions?
Elementary Solutions helps businesses save time and money and improve efficiency by making sure their processes, software and people are working together well. As an Exact Certified Partner, our technical business consultants have all been through the rigorous certification programme to ensure that they not only understand the Exact software solutions but, also understand how it can help your business reap the benefits efficiently and effortlessly.

 Three things we believe in:

  1. When your business has the right processes in place you’re more in control
  2. Software should support your processes not frustrate them
  3. When your people are empowered they’re more efficient and effective

What makes Elementary Solutions different?

It’s not just about the software systems. Of course the software is important, but of equal importance are your people and business processes. When you choose Elementary, you can be confident in the knowledge that you are choosing a partner who understands the importance of this and can help you successfully implement your Exact Online Solution.

 We work with you to design the systems and processes that will help your business achieve its objectives. We implement the software that will support the new processes. We ensure your people are equipped with the knowledge to make the most of the new processes and software. And we’re with you every step of the way until your business is enjoying the transformational power that processes, software and people working in harmony brings.

What is Exact, exactly

Exact is a cost effective all in one integrated software solution that can help your business save time, money and improve efficiency.

Which Exact solution is right for your business?

  • Exact for Accounting
  • Exact for Professional Services
  • Exact for Subscription Management
  • Exact for Wholesale Distribution
  • Exact for Manufacturing

If you would like to discuss how our experts could work with you to make your processes, software and people work together more effectively and deliver better business results, get in touch today.

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