Elementary Solutions and Invar Systems provide better Warehouse Management integration for UK Exact customers

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Invar and Exact solution provider Elementary Solutions helps improve the bottom line for UK users of Exact cloud software by improving the synergy between their processes, people and technology through Exact. To further enhance and deepen the integration with Exact, Elementary Solutions in partnership with Invar offers Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS) for the following Exact cloud solutions:

  • Exact for Wholesale Distribution
  • Exact for Manufacturing

Over 250.000 organisations worldwide use Exact  as their chosen business software in the Cloud, with offices in 14 countries such as UK, US, Germany and France and headquartered in the Netherlands. The business software of Exact has been used as a cloud platform for over 10 years, targeting ambitious entrepreneurs and accountants.

Exact provides synergy as a real cloud platform across people working together in a company as employee, a supplier or a customer. To improve the synergy between people and processes Invar offers WMS designed for any business wanting to streamline warehouse operations.

Bringing Exact & WMS Together
Invar WMS fulfils a key part of the supply chain by supporting the day to day operations of the warehouse. The Invar solution enables centralised management of tasks by tracking and, at times, controlling the storage and movement of goods within the warehouse plus all associated transactions. These transactions can include receiving, put-away, picking and shipping giving real-time information on all stock in the warehouse. With seamless integration with Exact all relevant information on inventory, sales and purchasing is constantly updated between Invar WMS and Exact. 

Invar WMS and Exact are the ideal solution to improve the accuracy and efficiency of your warehouse and distribution operation without the large scale investment required of an on-site warehouse management system.

More synergy with Exact and Elementary Solutions
Elementary Solutions provides its UK Exact customers with hands-on skills to implement WMS with Exact in partnership with Invar. The consultants at Elementary Solutions can help you gain a full insight into everyday business operations. This helps entrepreneurs to make well-informed business decisions and accountants to provide trustworthy advice, leaving more time for ambition growth.

About Elementary Solutions
Elementary Solutions helps businesses save time and money and improve efficiency by making sure their processes, software and people are working together well. The vision is based upon of three simple rules: when your business has the right processes in place you're more in control, software should support your processes not frustrate them and when your people are empowered they're more efficient and effective. For more information on Elementary Solutions visit www.elementary.solutions

About Invar Systems
Invar Systems was founded in 2005 to provide modern, high quality software for the warehouse and distribution industry. Invar Systems employs some of the most experienced warehouse system designers and developers in the industry. With many years of experience implementing systems for major clients in the UK, Europe and US, the principals of Invar Systems have developed the latest packaged software using the Microsoft .NET Framework that operates on standard Microsoft Windows platforms running Microsoft SQL Server database. For more information on Invar Systems visit www.Invarsystems.com.