Is it time to review your business information systems?

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Your business information systems should be working to make your business more effective and efficient. But what if you think they are not working and what are the options?

You can of course continue doing what you’re doing – because that’s the way it’s always been done… Or you could carry out a system review to identify the reasons why.

There can be many reasons why your systems may not be as effective and efficient as they could be. You could be using older software which has not kept pace with technological advances. Or as your business has evolved and grown you have added new systems which are disconnected through your business processes. To fully identify the reasons though, you’ll need to carry out a system review.

Reviewing and finding the right solutions for your business requires experience, knowledge and time that most businesses don't have internally.  Most businesses are often already fully occupied with their core business needs and lack the experience & resources needed to successfully improve their systems.

Your business information systems will involve more than just IT, they will consist of the technology (hardware and software), your processes and your people. A technical business consultant can review your systems, identify problems and make practical recommendations, including the recommendation of alternative systems, if appropriate. However, it’s not always the systems that are at fault, many problems can originate from improper implementation, incorrect processes or poor training.

A good business information system can:

  • advance insight into business operations
  • increase productivity
  • reduce people's frustration - contributing to happier and more productive people
  • improve customer service
  • save time & money

Before undertaking a review, it’s important to be clear about what outcomes you want to achieve, so you can review these against your current system.

Who are Elementary Solutions?

Elementary Solutions helps businesses save time, money and improve efficiency with the help of Cloud technology. As an Exact Certified Partner, our technical business consultants have all been through the rigorous certification programme to ensure that they not only understand the Exact software solutions but also understand how it can help your business reap the benefits efficiently and effortlessly.

Three things we believe in:

  1. When your business has the right processes in place you’re more in control
  2. Software should support your processes not frustrate them
  3. When your people are empowered they’re more efficient and effective

What makes Elementary Solutions different?

It’s not just about the technology. Of course, the technology is important but of equal importance are your people and business processes. When you choose Elementary, you can be confident in the knowledge that you are choosing a partner who understands the importance of this and can help you successfully implement your Exact Cloud Solution.

We work with you to design the systems and processes that will help your business achieve its objectives. We implement the software that will support the new processes. We ensure your people are equipped with the knowledge to make the most of the new processes and software. And we are with you every step of the way until your business is enjoying the transformational power that processes, software and people working in harmony brings.

If you would like to discuss how our experts can help you review your business information systems, please get in touch.

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