Maintain Healthy Levels of Billable Utilisation Per Employee, Per Project

Monday, May 16, 2016

Greater insight and the right tools offer a whole new world of benefits to service providers. It lets you work more efficiently. Maximise billable utilisation. Invoice more accurately. Get paid more quickly.

3 key steps to improve your results

Communicate a clear vision - set out your business goals and share them with your people

Gain insightinto your operations - constantly monitor your business’s performance against KPIs

Optimise your processes- know your strengths and identify areas for improvement.


Time management is important for any business, even more so for those businesses that sell their time – welcome to professional services, where project management, time and billing and knowing the following are key to success:

What your margins are for each project?

Where your revenue leaks?

How your people spend their time?

Have all hours been invoiced?


Having a better insight will help you know when you are getting it right and, more importantly, if it does go wrong then you’ll be in a position to identify where you can improve your systems and processes and help keep operations streamlined,projects optimised and customers happy.

Exact has a range of cost-effective, all-in-one, integrated industry software solutions that can help your business save time, money and improve efficiency – all in the cloud.

Exact for Project Management can help your business:

Optimiseproject results

Track and approve entered time and costs per employee per project in one integrated software solution

Quick indicators provide visibility & control related to entered time & costs

Benchmark projects, customers, employees on average billable rates

Maintain healthy levels of billable utilisation per employee, per project


Who is Elementary Solutions?

Elementary Solutions helps businesses save time and money and improve efficiency by making sure their processes, software and people are working together well. As an Exact Certified Partner, our technical business consultants have all been through the rigorous certification programme to ensure that they not only understand the Exact Software Solutions, but also understand how it can help your business reap the benefits efficiently and effortlessly.

Three things we believe in

When your business has the right processes in place, you’re more in control

Software should support your processes, not frustrate them

When your people are empowered they’re more efficient and effective


What makes Elementary Solutions different?

It’s not just about the software systems. Of course, the software is important, but of equal importance are your people and business processes. When you choose Elementary, you can be confident in the knowledge that you are choosing a partner who understands the importance of this and can help you successfully implement your Exact Online Solution.

We work with you to design the systems and processes that will help your business achieve its objectives. We implement the software that will support the new processes. We ensure your people are equipped with the knowledge to make the most of the new processes and software. And we’re with you every step of the way until your business is enjoying the transformational power that processes, software and people working in harmony brings.


What is Exact Online?

Exact is a cost-effective, all-in-one, integrated software solution that can help your business save time, money and improve efficiency.

Which Exact solution is right for your business?

Exact for Accounting

Exact for Professional Services

Exact for Subscription Management

Exact for Wholesale Distribution

Exact for Manufacturing


Exact. All in the cloud and from anywhere.