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Analysis, management, consolidation and risk control within Microsoft Excel and Exact

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Real-time reporting and analysis with Microsoft Excel and Exact

Invantive Control is an Excel add-in. Invantive Control provides businesses and organizations with all the information needed to make real-time management decisions. In addition Invantive Control empowers you to create, secure and share (Qlikview, Power BI) detailed Excel models and reports in Microsoft Excel.

The input and outcome of your Excel models will be exchanged with your Exact administrations. It doesn't matter whether you report, process or consolidate 1 or 100 administrations. With Invantive Control you will have all the functionalities you need to structure your reports and to decide how to optimise your business in real-time.

Invantive Control for Excel is compatible with all solutions of Exact. Frequently used reports are:

- Sales overview
- Speed of items in the stock
- Liquidity prognosis
- Sales forecast
- Liquidity planning
- Cash flow
- Financial dashboard
- Financial statements
- Budget versus actuals across cost centres and cost units
- Time sheets and revenues across all projects per period
- Check lists for invoices, stock control and projects
- Generate general ledger transactions for reconciliation and cost/revenue allocation
- Create and import complex calculations
- Import data from other applications and databases.

Using the hundreds of readily available Excel templates; general ledger, debtors, creditors, fixed assets, but also on logistics, trade, projects and production or you easily compose your own report. Any the outcome of your formulas are updated automatically every time you open the report in the form of an Excel workbook.

You can also use the bundled Microsoft Power BI Data Access Point to process data such as KPIs from Exact Online in your Microsoft Power BI reports.

For worldwide reporting and analysis on Exact you can use Invantive SQL to collect data across multiple Exact Online countries. Also you can use the so-called "distributed option" to real time combine and change data across multiple databases through SQL as if all company data are one big data warehouse. Access is available for XML, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL. Access to enterprise platforms such as Teradata, IBM or Oracle requires a difference license form.

Note that this product can not be used for Exact France and Spain. All other Exact Online countries are supported. This edition can address at most 2 administrations; contact us for the pricing of additional administrations. Compatible with Microsoft Office 2010, 2013 and 2016 for Microsoft Windows, both 32 and 64 bit versions.


What you get...

  • Flexibility of Microsoft Excel paired with the data integrity provided by Exact in the cloud.
  • Process, consolidate and report 1 or 100 administrations at once.
  • Calculate projected figures, future cash flows and return on capital investment in real-time.
  • Download and upload facts to Exact directly from within Excel using an Excel add-in.
  • Easy-to-use Excel formulas to retrieve facts from Exact and data blocks for large volumes.
  • Use Exact Online data from within Microsoft Power BI.