Expenses Management with Xpenditure


By Xpenditure

Xpenditure handles your business expenses from receipt to accounting

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Never type your expense reports again! Just take a picture of your receipts with your smartphone or webcam, and Xpenditure reads all relevant data. Connect Xpenditure to your Exact Online account and send your receipts & expenses directly to Exact! Start your 14-day free trial!

Upload receipts with our mobile app or webcam. Xpenditure scans the receipts and reads out all relevant data. You can add more information such as project or category and your expenses are created.

Use your online account to manage your expenses, advances, mileage and time tracking. SMEs can set up branches and groups to improve companies’ expense policy.

Generate expense and reimbursement reports in just a few clicks and export your expenses to Exact Online!

Xpenditure can integrate with all versions of Exact Online, and provides support by chat, mail and telephone during business hours at no additional cost.


What you get...

  • Never loose receipts again
  • Scan & digitization of business cards
  • Integrated with Exact
  • Integrated Approval Flow
  • Scan & digitization of receipts
  • Expense reports in a single click
  • Time tracking & Mileage expenses